The Team has been operational since 2016. By virtue of the Royal Decree of 25 February 2018, the Equal Opportunities Team is an integral part of the Directorate-General for Legislation and Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Federal Public Service Justice and is responsible for:

  • the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of federal equal opportunities and non-discrimination policy;
  • the development, monitoring and adaptation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to equal opportunities and non-discrimination;
  • the preparation, follow-up and representation of federal policy at regional, national, European and international meetings;
  • contributing to and coordinating national reports and reports to international bodies on equal opportunities and non-discrimination;
  • the creation, coordination and monitoring of projects which are in line with the political objectives pursued;
  • the preparation and organisation of information and awareness-raising campaigns, conferences and study days;
  • where necessary, the development of networks and the establishment of working groups in order to carry out the above-mentioned tasks;

In addition to the above-mentioned points included in the Royal Decree of 2018, the Team also has the following responsibilities: